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Bands: A B

Abdullah Abdullah Ibrahim
  Abdullah Ibrahim with Basil Coetzee
  Abdullah Ibrahim's Ekaya
Abercrombie Double Trio Night - John Abercrombie Trio
  Wheeler, Holland, Taylor, Abercrombie and Erskine
Abou-Khalil Rabih Abou-Khalil - The Cactus of Knowledge
Abrams Muhal Richard Abrams Octet
Acme Iain Ballamy's Acme
Acoustic Carol Grimes Acoustic Group
African Randy Weston's African Rhythms with Gnaoua Musicians of Morroco
Against Ralph Alessi's 'This Against That'
Air Big Air featuring Myra Melford & Jim Black
  Big Air
Ak Carlos Ward with Michelle Rosewoman, Kenny Davis and Pheeroan Ak Laff.
Aka Aka Moon
  Aka Moon
Alan Alan Skidmore and Amapondo
Alas Alas No Axis
  Alas No Axis
Album Trio VD Album Launch
Alessi Ralph Alessi's 'This Against That'
Alex Dave Kane/Alex Bonney Duo
  Alex Maguire Trio
  Alex Maguire and Steve Noble
  Alex Maguire's Cat O' Nine Tails
  Michael Moore/Alex Maguire Duo
  Alex "One Man Thousand" Konadu
  Alex Wilson's Anglo-Cubano Octet
Alias Don Alias and Friends
Allan Allan Holdsworth Quartet
  Gary Husband - Interpretations Of The Music Of Allan Holdsworth and John McLaughlin
  Allan Holdsworth Group
Allen Geri Allen, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian
  Tom Bancroft's Orchestro Interrupto and Geri Allen
Alternating Denys Baptiste's Alternating Currents
Amapondo Alan Skidmore and Amapondo
Ambitroniques Steve Arguelles Ambitroniques
American Courtney Pine's American Quartet
Anavas Orphy Robinson 'Anavas'
Andersen The Arild Andersen Jon Christensen Qrt
  Arild Andersen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos, John Marshall
Anderson Ray Anderson Trio - BassDrumBone
  Ray Anderson Quartet
  Ray Anderson Quartet.
Andrea Ellery Eskelin with Andrea Parkins & Jim Black
Andrew Andrew Cyrille Trio
  Andrew Cyrille Trio
  Andrew Hill plus Anglo-American Big Band
Andrews Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews
Andy Andy Laster's Hydra
  Andy Milne's Cosmic Dapp Theory
  Andy Sheppard with 'In Co-motion'.
  Andy Sheppard / Nana Vasconcelos
  Andy Sheppard "In Co-Motion"
  Andy Sheppard - Nocturnal Tourist
  Andy Sheppard "Big Co-Motion"
  Andy Sheppard/John Paricelli
  Andy Sheppard Learning To Wave
  Andy Sheppard's Moving Image
  Andy Sheppard "Small Co-Motion"
  Andy Sheppard Upmixed
Angel Kenny Wheeler Angel Song
Anglo-American Andrew Hill plus Anglo-American Big Band
Anglo-Argentinian George Haslam's Anglo-Argentinian Quartet
Anglo-Cubano Alex Wilson's Anglo-Cubano Octet
Annie Annie Whitehead Sextet
  Annie Whitehead Experience
Anthony Anthony Braxton Quartet
Ants Richard Fairhurst's Hungry Ants
Arc The Arc featuring Orphy Robinson
Archie Archie Shepp Quartet
Arguelles Julian Arguelles with Drew Gress and Tom Rainey
  Julian Arguelles Octet
  Julian Arguelles Trio
  Steve Arguelles Ambitroniques
  Steve Lacy Steve Arguelles Duo
  Steve Arguelles Scapes
  Steve Arguelles
Arild The Arild Andersen Jon Christensen Qrt
  Arild Andersen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos, John Marshall
Art Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  Art Ensemble of Chicago
Arthurs Arthurs / Holby / Ritchie
  Tom Arthurs Trio
Arto Arto Lindsay
Arts Vienna Arts Orchestra
Asaf Mark Latimer/Mario Castronari/Asaf Sirkis
Ashley Ashley Slater's "Microgroove"
Assif Assif Tsahar and Cooper-Moore
Atzmon Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
Axe Skip Little Axe McDonald, Sam Payne & Band
Axis Alas No Axis
  Alas No Axis
Azania Chris McGregor's Azania
Azilut Azilut! Trio
Bands: A B