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F Bands: G H

Gaillard Slim Gaillard
Garbarek Jan Garbarek Quartet
  Jan Garbarek Quartet
  Jan Garbarek with Miroslav Vitous and Peter Erskine.
Garcia-Fons Renaud Garcia-Fons Quintet
Garland Tim Garland Band - Made by Walking
Gary Gary Husband Quartet
  Gary Husband Trio
  Gary Husband - Interpretations Of The Music Of Allan Holdsworth and John McLaughlin
Gathering Gathering Forces
Gato Gato Libre
Gayle Gayle/Parker/Sanders
Gebhard Gebhard Ullman/Steve Swell Quartet
Gee Damon Brown/Jonathan Gee International Quartet
George George Haslam's Anglo-Argentinian Quartet
  George Raggatt Ellington Big Band
  George Russell Orchestra
Gerald Odean Pope with Cornell Rochester and Gerald Veasley.
Geri Geri Allen, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian
  Tom Bancroft's Orchestro Interrupto and Geri Allen
Gerry Gerry Hemingway Quintet
Ghost Jan Kopinski's Ghost Music
Gibbs Mike Gibbs Orchestra with John Scofield and Steve Swallow.
Gilad Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
Girls The Rude Girls
Giuffre Jimmy Giuffre with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow
Glasper Robert Glasper Trio
Gnaoua Randy Weston's African Rhythms with Gnaoua Musicians of Morroco
God Billy Jenkins with The Fun Horns of Berlin and The Voice of God Collective
  Billy Jenkins' Voice of God Collective
  Billy Jenkins' Voice of God Collective
Goldberg Uri Caine Goldberg Variations
Grand Otis Grand and The Dance Kings
Great Tim Richard's Great Spirit
Greg Julian Siegel Trio with with special guests Joey Baron and Greg Cohen
  Julian Siegel Trio with special guests Joey Baron and Greg Cohen
  Greg Osby Band + Rap
Gress Julian Arguelles with Drew Gress and Tom Rainey
  Samo Salamon Trio featuring Drew Gress & Tom Rainey
Grimes Henry Grimes Trio
  Carol Grimes Acoustic Group
Grolnick Don Grolnick Group
Group Allan Holdsworth Group
  Bill Frisell Group
  Carol Grimes Acoustic Group
  Don Grolnick Group
  Don Pullen Group
Guest Guest Stars
Guests Lima Orchestra/Trio VD with Special Guests, Marc Ducret and Franck Vigroux
Gurtu John McLaughin with Trilok Gurtu and Jeff Berlin
Gutbucket Gutbucket
Guy Phil Guy / Jimmy Fastfingers Dawkins Blues Band
  Barry Guy and the London Jazz Composers Orchestra
  Guy Barker Quintet
  Guy Barker - Soundtrack
F Bands: G H