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Leeds Jazz are Hanging up their Boots

The 2009/10 Leeds Jazz Twenty-fifth Anniversary Season will be its last.

Dave Hatfield writes:


We really hope that you enjoy our forthcoming gigs and will join us in celebrating our achievement over 25 years. However, it’s probably time to comment on those rumours you may have been hearing. OK, it’s true – soon Leeds Jazz will be no more. It’s been fantastic while it lasted but we’re all volunteers and it’s involved a lot of hard work, particularly in the face of diminishing funding over recent years. All organizations have a shelf life and at 25 years we’re satisfied with our achievement but not too self-satisfied hopefully!

It’s not quite the end. A few more concerts in early 2010 hopefully but this really depends on you. Please support our current programme to ensure we stay solvent to the end.

You may also see the name Leeds Jazz on some collaborative events in the future and it will certainly live on via our website with its archives, links, recommended gigs, etc. Also while Leeds Jazz may not be around anymore there’s certainly more jazz in Leeds than 25 years ago.

Check out LIMA, the Spinoff @ Santiago, the Turnaround @ Sela Bar, SevenJazz, LCM, Howard Assembly Room, Dean Clough, etc.